Legal mentions

OAK law firm (« OAK ») is an unincorporated partnership, that has no separate legal personality.


Each lawyer, partner or associate, member of OAK (a « lawyer »), enters individually, in his/her own name or through his/her own company, into a personal relation and contract with his/her clients (the « client »), under his/her own, sole and exclusive, duty and liability (or as the case may be of his/her own company).


The use of or reference to the term « OAK », on this website or in any other context, is to be deemed and construed accordingly, notwithstanding anything else to the contrary, and shall in no circumstance be taken, deemed or understood as a source or evidence of any duty or liability, whether joint, several, joint and several, in contract, tort or otherwise, of any other lawyer.


The lawyer acts only under, and any engagement of the lawyer, including but not limited to his/her liability and his/her fees and expenses, are, unless agreed otherwise in writing, exclusively governed by our general terms and conditions, that the client acknowledges having read and understood and confirms to unconditionally accept without asking any further information by the mere fact of asking the lawyer to act or by using the lawyer’s work product, and governed by Belgian law.


The liability of the lawyer is, unless upon specific request from the client and subject to prior and written consent from the lawyer, covered exclusively by the insurance policy subscribed and maintained by the relevant Bar (the terms and conditions being available on the website of the relevant Bar through the links below). This liability is, to the maximum extent permitted by law, limited, among other things, to the gross negligence (faute lourde), the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage and limits of indemnification provided by the mandatory insurance subscribed and maintained by the relevant Bar, or, as the case may be, the ad hoc insurance policy subscribed for the benefit of the client, and any condition and limit set forth in our general terms and conditions of which the client acknowledges to have been duly and adequately informed and that the client confirms to unconditionally accept.


Any dispute or claim shall, in accordance with our general terms and conditions, be referred to and settled exclusively by the competent French speaking Courts of Brussels (Belgium).


The fees for our services is transparent and based on the added value of our work. The fees of the lawyer are calculated on an hourly rate basis, in accordance with our general terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed (in an engagement letter), such as success fees, and do not include costs and out-of-pocket expenses. The hourly rates vary based on the experience of the lawyer in the field, the complexity of the matter or the case, the degree of urgency, the importance of the interests at stake.


The personal data of the client are processed in accordance with our policy with regards to the protection of privacy and processing of personal data that forms part of our general terms and conditions.


The use of the title, access to and exercise of the profession of avocat are regulated by law (articles 428 and following of the Belgian Code judiciaire).


Each lawyer (avocat) is a member of a Bar and must abide by its rules, regulations and policies that are available through the following links:


Ordre français des avocats du Barreau de Bruxelles :  

Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten bij de Balie te Brussel:


The information published or available on this website is for general information purposes only, current as of its date of publication, but do not necessarily reflect the present law or regulations and does not claim to be comprehensive or provide legal or other advice.


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The use of this information is at sole and exclusive risks of the user, subject to any right, including of owners of intellectual property rights referred to above, and cannot replace a proper legal advice and assistance.


The lawyers of OAK accept no responsibility and disclaim any warranty or liability for the use of this website and for any loss or claim which may arise from accessing or reliance on information contained in this website.